New Construction

Do you know that a new construction developer has their own representation?


Are you aware that you can have your own representation too?


You will pay no additional cost to have me represent you as your own buyer’s agent. I can represent you starting today!


Let’s begin by touring new construction together. Give me a call to at 559-288-6382 to get started.

Think you may get a better price by not choosing to work with a buyer’s agent for your new home? Think again. The builder’s on-site sales associates’  job is to get the best price for their client, the builder. As independent buyers agent, I know the market and represent your interests only. My goal is to get you all the standard builder incentives being marketed and offered, plus to help guide you so you can save as much money as possible up-front when it comes to negotiating options, etc.

New Construction vs. Established Homes

Not only do I help you understand and give you a personal tour to show you what the differences are between every new construction development and between each builder, I also show you what your choices are with resale homes in established neighborhoods in the area.  I help you weigh the costs of buying a new home vs. a newer, established home in the same area. Backyard landscaping and other extras in the house can really add up. I help you get a clear understanding of this before you move forward on new construction and when it comes to  choosing and negotiating options with the builder. 

Builder Incentives and New Construction Pricing

I am knowledgeable about the new construction market in Fresno and Clovis, and I provide you with information about all the incentives being offered by each of the builders so you can make the best choice. I can also provide you with comparable sales in the area.

New Construction Financing

While new developments have preferred lenders and you may be asked to use the builder’s specific lender and initially try to pre-qualify with them, you may not always qualify with that lender or you may need a specific program or down-payment assistance. I can help connect you to a financial institution that meets all of your needs, and I will negotiate your right to incentives when an alternate lender is needed.

Understanding the Purchase Agreement

New construction real estate contracts are approved in advance by the California Department of Real Estate, but the contract is written by the builder’s company or their attorneys to protect the builder. While I can’t provide legal advice, I can make sure you understand what you are signing and how the contract operates, and how the new construction process unfolds. I can be there for you. If there are sections of the contract that you don’t understand or have concerns about, I can recommend real estate attorneys to explain in detail.   


Although most new construction contracts have no inspection contingency, it is important to look into the area where you are purchasing and address any concerns you have about the construction process and the neighborhood while you are under contract and in escrow. I help you with that process. I can also accompany you through your initial walk-throughs and final walkthrough at your request. 

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